The traditional “Hello World” post…

Because why not?

It’s been a while since there was a will to find some kind of way to share ideas and random snippets of work that may not always be related to the traditional business at XODES.

It’s easy to share stuff on social media, yet it looks like most people e.g. on Instagram usually don’t take a lot of time to actually READ whatever may accompany pictures.

Receiving “likes” is not the best interaction with your public when you’re asking a question.

As it looks like some seem to use bots to automatically like or comment a certain amount of tag-related posts on such platforms, one cannot rely on the number of hearts/thumbs up/whatever metrics are available to get answers.

Even though some topics may not engage a lot of interaction, using something like a blog may also help keep track of the progress/difficulties on a specific project, while giving a chance for others to learn from it… or give their inputs!

So, here we are. It’s hard to say what this all will be about, and it’s starting now since a project that has been imagined for years now is finally starting.

It may not necessarily result in a commercial product (well, who knows…?), and since there might be a lot of work involved, starting this blog now looks like a good opportunity, at least to keep track of it, and hopefully get some kind of discipline so that things can actually move forward.

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